5 Tips for Creating a Gen-Z Friendly Website

5 Tips for Creating a Gen-Z Friendly Website

Generation Z is a powerful market born in the online world. According to website developers, these people only have an attention span of around 8 seconds. If you want to reach out to younger consumers, your business website should keep up with their short attention span.

#Generation Z people make purchasing decisions fast and quick. Over-the-top, old-fashioned advertising gimmicks turn them off. They are constantly looking for details, and reasons to stay on your webpages.

Thinking of redesigning your website? Do you want to engage with next-generation clients? Here are 5 ways to get you started.

1. Be creative but smart.

Next-generation customers are more technology-savvy and sophisticated, so make sure that your web design can match this experience level. It should be multi-textured, attention-grabbing, unique and colorful.

Contemplate on what look and feel you want for your webpages. Do your own research, and never commit the most common mistakes such as adding too much styles and fonts. Your website would surely look hyperactive.

2. Never script away your customers.

Make adjustments to your JavaScript codes, so it wouldn’t slow down your webpage. In order to place the scripts at the JQuery library, you need to work efficiently with your team. Combine all the other codes into one function that runs async once the document’s ready.

#3. Never forget the basics.

Generation Z clients would want you to cover the fundamentals in a single effective, satisfying website. Providing great product customization, a good selection of buying choices, and efficient navigation will enable business owners to entice clients to a sale.

4. Stop thinking of your website as connected to a desktop computer.

Generation Z individuals are born in the advanced era of mobile phones. It is their primary tool of communication. Working millennials are heavy smartphone users, and they always expect a smooth digital shopping experience. If you want your business website to appeal to them, make sure that the entire screen experience is pleasant, and not at all confusing.

5. Kill the auto-play.#

Generation Z and millennials love watching videos on YouTube. In fact, they prefer to watch YouTube videos instead of traditional television shows. This young group wants to 100% control over their audio and video experiences, so music and videos which autoplay annoy them. They need to know instantly if you can offer anything relevant to them. Utilize videos that reinforce your business’ relevance, and launch them with a muted audio. This would give customers control, and will help keep them on the website.

Fashion’s Potential to Influence Culture

The unhealthy culture or pop culture has the potential to influence how the young teens dress when they shop for clothes and hairstyle when they go to the best barbershop in their neighbourhood. Especially young girls because they tend to see the celebrities as their role model, thus they will eventually follow the celebrities’ style or fashion. Being a good role model is something that these celebrities should be proud of because they can inspire many people by being successful in what they are doing which includes their work and personal life. However, being a bad role model is what they should avoid and they should not feel proud of it.

Firstly, the issue that is getting more attention today is the sexualisation on how teenagers especially young girls dress because in today’s world, sexualisation occurs in our everyday life in many ways from media and advertisements to clothing and toys marketed for girls. Many studies have stated that sexualisation in women and girls can be found easily rather than men and the consequences are not only for girls but to the whole society also. Digital media today such as movies, music videos, Internet and televisions also have the potential to influence the teenagers’ behaviour especially young girls and their revealing clothing.

This is so much worrying to the parents because Western countries are producing many bad celebrities that are not wearing the right clothing the way most of the parents expected such as Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga. Furthermore, Miley Cyrus is known for her twerking that may influence young girls. A report has stated that 28 teenage girls and 3 teenage boys were given a two-day suspension for shooting a twerking video and they posted it on Youtube. In addition to that, it is also believed that toys marketed for young girls are also one of the reasons why young girls nowadays dress provocatively. The famous toys marketer, Mattel has produces many toys and one of them is Barbie which is marketed for young girls from age 14 and above. This issue becomes a big issue when Barbie has been replaced by the wild dolls, Bratz. The name itself is portraying what Bratz is actually looked like because Bratz fashion ranges from the infants wearing makeup to teenagers wearing fishnets, miniskirts and outrageous outfits, which is why the reason behind these dolls is to teach the young girls to be “brats” in their fashion sense.

Their addiction towards the dolls is worrying not only the to Western parents but also Muslim parents because the dolls are educating young girls to wear skintight pants and revealing clothing even when they are going to schools. This shows that the roles of pop culture and fashion industry play an important role in shaping children’s sense of morality in choosing the right clothing.